Bringing Life to my Blog – Title & Tagline

The second task of this course is to:
Edit your title and tagline.

Retrieved on July 7, 2015

Retrieved on July 7, 2015


  • The title is the first thing most readers will see.
  • The title and tagline work with elements like blog’s address and theme to give visitors context and help them decide to stick around.

A title is typically only a few words, so we need to add a tagline to our blogs. Here are some examples of great taglines, along with a few tips suggested during the course:

  • Avoid repeating your site title. Your tagline is a space to share some context on what your site is about. Take advantage of it.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Thirty and 40 word taglines leave us breathless. Be concise.
  • Be original. Don’t let your blog’s tagline become another in the sea of “musings about thoughts” — make sure it tells us something about you.


First, my blog’s URL and title were the same. Then, I decided to change the title to describe my goal behind creating this blog and make it enjoyable for my readers. You can see my trials below.

First Draft:

Title: e-Things 2 Learn
Tagline: No tagline

Second Draft:

Title: Nonstop Teacher E-dventures
Tagline: A place to learn and share new things.

Third Draft: After reading the comment of @lolettestephenson, I changed the tagline.

Title: Nonstop Teacher E-dventures
Tagline: A place to share what I learn with others.

I love this experience of learning from each other to check if we are on the right track and improve our final products. Looking forward to the next task with Blogging 101. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bringing Life to my Blog – Title & Tagline

    • Thanks so much for your comment.
      I always reflect on my progress in such courses to raise my awareness of what I have and what I can improve. Getting feedback from other learners is also valuable to my process of learning. I love discussing things with others to look at things from different perspectives. Definitely, this will lead to deep and memorable moments of learning .
      See you around 🙂


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