Catchy, according to what?

Day Eight’s assignment of the “#blogging101” course is to:
Leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Retrieved on July 15, 2015

Retrieved on July 15, 2015

Today, I was a little bit busy, so I decided to go ahead to #blogging101 tag suggested by the course team, and find some new blogs to comment on. To my surprise, I found tons of posts there with a variety of topics. I spent some time viewing and reading posts and forget myself as usual. Two hours passed without deciding which ones I am going to leave comments on. Then, an idea comes to my mind. It is simply: “Choose what catches your eyes.” I chose 4 blogs according to 4 criteria.

Let’s see what are these!

1. A picture that is worth a 1000 words …stubborn-mule

Scrolling down the page to see what other bloggers posted, I found it; a picture of a donkey cartoon. @danielleduberry, the author, was so happy and comfortable with the title and tagline of her blog. I love what she said, “I am going to be stubborn and not change it …” Then, she spent the rest of her post explaining why she had chosen them. For her, life is an unpredictable broad title that includes lots of things that she can blog about from funny stories, to world or personal events, to other random thoughts that may cross her mind.  Really, I enjoyed reading her argumentative post. She convinced me. What about you?

2. A title with a message …

The touch of another human being” is a post written by Catherine Mullaney. What a powerful, touching title she chooses to her post! After having a quick look, I found that it is not the title only that attracted my mind, but the deep message inside. She talks about the need of human touch when one struggles with many things in life. The message is so short, but it is too touching to forget. Why not visit her blog and fill your heart with love?

Captured from:

Captured from this blog

3. A genre that is different …

You know there are many different genres of writing; description, narration, argument, exposition, poetry, and more. The third blog that I have visited today is for a mom. She didn’t write a paragraph as we usual do. She chose to write a poem to introduce herself. With few lines, she told her audience who she is and what she is doing now. Really, it so creative. To attract more readers, one should be creative and different when presenting a new topic or an idea. I know that not all people have talent to write creatively, but we have to read other people’s pieces of writing to get an authentic exposure. And also we should practice and write more and more. I think it is worth a try! You can follow her blog and enjoy her adventures.

4. A bridge of dialogue …

Captured from this picture!

Captured from here

A post with 50+ comments captured my eyes while browsing and viewing my reader. I just wanted to know what others say or discuss not what the post wants to convey. “What is on your shelves?” was the title of this post. Visiting her Pinterest account, Calen Sariel found a quote that caught her attention:

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood.

She started visualizing what sections she can set up on her bookshelves. She asked for suggestions about what categories she could add to make her library more well-rounded. Then, she talked about her favorite book and the worst one, the one that gives her joy, and the one that never fails to make her cry, …etc. What I liked the most is her attractive style of writing. I feel that her audience is there waiting for her post to read and comment on. Also, she posed a question at the end to let the conversation go encouraging her followers to respond and talk about their experiences. I recommend following this creative writer to learn from.

Really, I enjoyed this assignment so much as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people with different perspectives, talents, and gifts. It s not just reading their thoughts on the fly, but digest them, and engage in their discussions. Definitely, this helps us build bridges for dialogue and communication with each other.

I hope you like my reflection today and my recommended blogs.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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