“It is the human connection,” said Mrs Pierson

Day Nine’s assignment during the “#blogging101” course is to:
Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday

Her human touch that I felt when reading her warm, unforgettable post yesterday reminded me with an inspiring video which I watched two years ago about relationships. And, I never stop watching it since then.

Retrieved on July 16, 2015

Retrieved on July 16, 2015

In her TED Talk, Rita Pierson (May 2003) discussed the value of human connection and from the stage she sent a message to the educators to believe in their students and connect with them on a real, human, personal level. One day, one of her colleagues said to her, “They don’t pay me to like the kids. ” She responded, “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” Whatever approaches and techniques teachers use to teach their subjects, they can’t succeed unless a relationship is built with students that I believe will last so long. To know more about what passionate teachers can do for their students, please click the picture below and enjoy Pierson’s talk:

Welcome back! To me as a teacher …

By heart I always teach my students not only English, but also how to be human. Apologizing, patting on the back, smiling, asking about their feelings, listening to their problems, telling them how proud I feel when they try and never give up, or even putting smiley faces on their homework are among many things that have a powerful impact on them. Believe me, doing these small things will make a difference in our students’ lives and will make them feel more secure, and self-confident when learning. They will be more positive and optimistic when dealing with challenges in their future careers.

Thank you letterI see the results at the end of each year when my students shower me with many Thank You letters, presents, flowers, or a call that I never expect, in addition to many other things that can be only felt, but not talked about. My students consider me as a good model to follow. They always imitate me; the way I speak, my body language, and even my smile. Simply, it is the human touch!



10 thoughts on ““It is the human connection,” said Mrs Pierson

  1. This is so wonderful and powerful! Especially at young ages where a kindness and someone who truly cares can make such a huge difference in their lives now and as they grow! This makes me happy to see you have such a big and kind heart and are really making a difference with your students and everyone around you! It’s really an inspiration, I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog and became a friend. 🙂

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    • Oh! dear friend,
      You made my day; a lot of compliments and encouraging words. I’m lucky today … haha! Simply, I just love my students and want them feel happy while learning. I am also glad to connect to such an inspiring blogger and a super sensitive person who can read by heart and see between lines. Thanks so much for today’s connection! 🙂

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      • Thank YOU for the great connection and kind words also. 🙂 It’s wonderful to see the good in people and connect. You’ve made my day also by talking with me and sharing your life and love for your students and being a wonderful human being. 🙂 I’m off to read a new book I got today, but I look forward to reading more of your blog and the future talks I’m sure we’ll share! I send you all my best. 🙂

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  3. “By heart I always teach my students not only English, but also how to be human.” This is so important. Years ago when I was educating my students, I adopted the philosophy that students are not just a mind but a whole person, body, mind, soul, and personality. And that means we have to be engaged in our relationships and actually recognize that students are people first and I believe that all people are born to learn and as educators it is our responsibility to encourage the natural curiosity, equip students with the tools for learning, and provide guidance and direction in the learning process.
    I am grateful for the exchange we are having through our blogs.

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    • Dear Catherine,
      Thanks so much for letting the conversation go here. Oh! You expressed my idea more beautifully. Yes, we have to deal with students as a whole human, caring with both mind and soul as you mentioned. I love how you teach your students, not delivering information, but providing them with the tools that can help them be responsible for their learning. It seems we have the same ideas about teaching.

      Thanks for your invaluable feedback and your inspiration.
      Have a happy weekend!


  4. Yes, I have been watching TED Talks for years now and I love this one. I’m sure that you don’t even have to teach a lesson to your students on being empathetic. They learn from the example you give them every day. Keep doing what comes natural to you. It truly makes a difference.

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    • Dear Claremary,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, as teachers, we don’t give students information only, but we teach them many skills for life. And when it is natural, they will never forget that.

      I appreciate your coming to my blog.
      Your feedback is invaluable.

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      • Hi again,
        I have just visited your blog’s post of Day Nine and I was so impressed by your creative idea of collecting photos that talk about persons and their countries. As I said in your blog, I can use this idea with my students. They can pick up one and start writing descriptions or stories about it.

        Thanks for your inspiration!


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