Going further with my brand …

Smiling TipsIn addition to the blavatar that I created today, I kept trying other things to build my brand. One of them was creating another menu in which I added links to some helpful tips shared during this course “#Blogging101”. Then, I went to my blog widgets and added a custom menu. To make this section more attractive, I decided to make a custom image widget and put it above the menu. I also used Microsoft PowerPoint program to create this image using shapes, fonts, colors, and some other icons.

Here is how I did this task:

Step 1:
Go to your Dashboard – Appearance – Menus and create a new one.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Click “Custom Links” to add the URLs of your recommended sites.
You can add as many links as you can.

Menu 4

Menu 5

Step 2:
Go to your Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets, and drag a Custom Menu to your sidebar.

Menu 6

Menu 7

I hope this would be helpful!

13 thoughts on “Going further with my brand …

  1. Wow, your site looks really great. Thank you for the easy tutorial. When I have a minute I may tinker with things on my blog again. I made a new blavatar and added it as my logo, but that’s as far as I have been willing to go!


    • Dear whereshappy,
      You are welcome my dear and thanks so much for dropping by. Have you changed the color of your blog background? I love your new look. Your blavatar and logo also reflect your title. You are doing a great job.

      Have you tried to use images with clean backgrounds? for me, I use http://www.lunapic.com/editor/ to change them into transparent.

      I downloaded your blavatar and make it transparent for you. Here it is:


      Have a happy weekend!

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