He Loved Me Through It All…

Lovely poem about God’s Love by @JacquelineOby!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

God love 2

He loved me through it all
With every stumble, every fall
He simply made me stand tall
And loved me through it all

Unfailing, whenever I call
He became my all in all
Even in sorrow of my own fault
Still he loved me through it all

Though heaven and earth
May pass away
His promise to love I know for sure
That since he has called me his beloved
He will love me through it all.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

There’s always room for more poetry about love — and @vijayasundaram2015‘s prompt, Beloved, invites you to take a fresh stab at a timeless topic.

”Thank you Vijaya” 🙂

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