5 Ways to Spice Up your Comments by …

Retrieved July 31, 2015

Retrieved July 31, 2015

HTML! …. 😮

Please, don’t go away. Just wait a minute!

I know that not all people like working with HTML codes. Maybe it is like a headache for them, isn’t it? Actually, I don’t agree. They are small codes, but they can make a big difference, believe me 🙂

Let’s try out some of them!

1. Make it BOLD to emphasize it:

If you want to attract the attention to something, the first thing that comes to your mind is to make it bold. Is it right? This is very easy when using HTML. Just write the following code and you will see:

 <strong>Need your Help!</strong>

2. Change the FONT SIZE of your text:

You can also emphasize your words by making the font size bigger. I’m sure this technique will help you to catch your readers’ eyes so quickly. First, you have to decide on which size you would like to use (e.g., Header 1, Header 2, Header 3 … etc). Say, you want to use “Header 1.” Let’s do it by HTML:

 <h1>Thank You!</h1> 

3. Quote to be more focused:

Quoting is a great way to be more focused and specific when responding to someone’s post or comment. To do so using HTML, you are going to put the quoted text between “blockquote” tag. Let’s see how to do it:

<blockquote>PUT THE TEXT HERE</blockquote> 

Here is an example:


4. What about LISTING?

Sometimes, we need to organize our ideas using a list. HTML enables us to do so easily using the following code:

Numbered list:

 <ol><li>First, go to your dashborad.</li> 
 <li>Second, head to your Widgets and drag Image.</li> 
 <;i>Third, paste the url of your image and hit save.</li></ol>

Bulleted list:

 <ul><li>First, go to your dashborad.</li> 
 <li>Second, head to your Widgets and drag Image.</li> 
 <li>Third, paste the url of your image and hit save.</li></ul>

5. Visualize it!

When some friends ask me about how to use or how to do something, creating a tutorial is my first choice as it helps them to see what to do. I always use Snagit tool to capture my screen, then I add my directions and save it as a picture. The next step is to upload that image to my blog to have a link. To insert it in my comment, I write the following code:


Here is an example:

Screenshot 2

I just choose these small codes to start with.
Now, pick up one and try it out in the comments box below!
Just to see!


  • The bold and quote techniques are based on a great tip shared by the WordPress.com team
  • All the other ways are the result of my play with the “HTML” editor.