I don’t have my own touch …

The fifth task during this course “Blogging 101” is to:
Try out some other themes.

WordPress Themes

Retrieved on July 10, 2015

I tried most of WordPress free themes, but I didn’t find one that suits my blog. I need one that is simple and has a comfortable layout with calm colors. I love to add my own touch to anything I create on the web just to give my students a model not by words but by deeds that last so long.

I tried out the blogging experience with my students two years ago. The start was so difficult because of the theme. Actually. I wanted something clear and easy to use, but I didn’t find. That’s why I searched for another platform that enables me to change some of the features. It is also based on WordPress, but it provides teachers with some widgets for free. One of them is the ability to modify fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more using CSS programming language.

It is PrimaryBlogger … Just go and give it a try!

I will give you an example:

I just wonder, “Can WordPress give us some widgets like CSS for Free?”
I am sure it will be a fabulous experience for bloggers!