Have a BLOG featured once a week!

Day Ten’s assignment during the “#blogging101” course is to:
Create a blogroll to share a few links you love.

I created a new link category and called it “Featured Blogs.” I’ll keep sharing one blog a week telling my audience why I chose it. Of course, my readers will be eager to know who will be the next.

Retrieved on July 18, 2015

Which One?

My featured blog this week is “Impromptu Promptlings” by Calen Sariel.  Beside the title that’s linked to the blog’s URL, I added an image, and a short description to help my visitors get an idea about what they are going to read.


  • FeaturedThe author talks about a variety of topics, e.g., creative writing, poetry, fiction, quotes, books, insightful reflections, and more.
  • She is a prolific creative writer. You will notice that she always updates her blog daily more than once.
  • I love her interaction with the audience. One of her techniques to do so is leaving questions at the end of her posts to engage her readers and encourage them to talk about their experiences.
  • Always she responds to others’ comments and queries.
  • She follows her readers and leaves comments on their blogs building a bridge for connection and more discussion.

Let’s visit Calen’s blog and enjoy!
What do you think of this idea?