I’ll GET to it TOMORROW!

Day Eleven’s assignment during the “#blogging101” course is to:
Publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.

I spent more than 2 hours “trying another prompt” to find something interesting with open options and enjoyable, too. Again and again, my visual style of learning played a big role while working on this post. The prompt that captured my eyes was:

Image Search:
Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

Have you noticed the amazing coincidence of No. 11? It is the assignment of Day 11 and according to my daily post’s writing prompt, I have to select “Picture No. 11.” I love such things that bring surprise. evoke thinking, and draw smiles on our faces because we just don’t expect them to happen. And this assignment is like a game in which I am going to play with words and pictures. Let’s have fun!

Back to my writing prompt, “Tomorrow” was the first word that came to my  mind. Hitting the search button, I found my eleventh picture so interesting and inspiring.

You know that there are some things that must wait for tomorrow. Maybe they are a little bit big to accomplish in a day or two or even in a month. Maybe it is our big dream that takes years. So always we keep saying, ” …. will get it tomorrow!” But, todo+listtomorrow comes and for many reasons we can’t finish what we promised ourselves to get it done. Have you tried to jot down a to-do-list everyday? Just small things that you have to do by the end of the day. And when you complete something, just check it. This will give you a sense of achievement and will encourage you to do more. For the task you can’t complete in yesterday’s list, TOMORROW is your day to start with.

Just start small and keep going.
Your big dream can’t come true unless you get started and take actions.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Image Search.”